Cannabis & Marijuana Cultivation Cleanrooms

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Cannabis & Marijuana Cleanrooms

The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana is increasing across the United States. Therefore, federal regulations are being introduced to standardize the cultivation, production and packaging of medical marijuana and CBD. In response, cannabis cleanroom environments are becoming the norm for producers of medical grade marijuana and CBD.

CleanZones, specializes in the design and manufacturing of modular cultivation and grow rooms to meet the unique needs of the cannabis industry. As proven leaders in cleanroom construction for food, pharmaceutical and medical applications, we develop softwall, hardwall and semi-hardwall modular cleanroom systems to meet FDA, USDA, CGMP, USP 797 and USP 800 compliance standards.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Why should I consider a specialized environment like cannabis clean room or medical marijuana grow room? Is it required?

Maintaining a ISO 5 to ISO 7 Class Certification and complying with the FDA’s CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards by operating in a cannabis cleanroom, will help to ensure that you satisfy developing requirements and your production environment meets the standards for quality and safety — certifying your product value and safeguarding your workers and customers from any risk of safety issues.

Can all three wall types be used for a medical marijuana or cannabis grow room?

Yes. CleanZones’ softwall, hardwall and semi-hardwall modular clean rooms adhere to the strict ISO 5 to ISO 7 standards of pharmaceutical clean rooms – helping to maintain product sterility.

What are the benefits of cultivating and growing in a cleanroom environment?

The marijuana air filtration system aids in:

  • Controlling particles and particle sizes to adhere to Health Canada, FDA, and EU GMP regulations
  • Reducing the risk of pollen contamination between strains
  • Limiting mites and other microbial contamination

In addition, cannabis cleanrooms help to maintain the consistent temperature and humidity levels needed for the drying and bucking process with the addition of HVAC components.

Will my facility accommodate a cultivation or grow room?

CleanZones design, manufactures and installs modular cultivation rooms and modular grow rooms to meet your production needs.

Consult our factory trained experienced sales engineering staff for more details: Phone 1-888-399-2464