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Hardwall Cleanrooms :

CleanZones, LLC offers our Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms with for those jobs where a conventional solid wall cleanroom is desired. They are available as a pre-designed and engineered system to meet every application. The modular design can be easily installed in any location to provide a Clean Environment where you need it. We can accommodate anything from an equipment enclosure to electronic assembly or pharmaceutical applications. Our interfacing cleanroom walls, floors, ceilings and mechanical components will provide a contaminant-free environment, effectively allowing control of air flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration. Since all material is pre-cut, mitered and completely finished, installation is completed quickly; with minimal mess, dust and disruption. The standard unit is composed of vinyl covered gypsum panels with a Class A rating, vertical wiring and cable studs, doors, windows and mitered ceiling and floor track to complete the installation.


  • Cleanroom Cleanliness from Class 100 – 100,000
  • Vinyl Covered Gypsum Panels with a Class A rating
  • Solid steel painted door with half lite safety glass insert
  • Mitered Ceiling and Floor Track
  • Mac-10 HEPA Fan Filter Unit
  • Sealed Cleanroom Light Troffers to provide 100 foot candles at working height level
  • Heavy duty 1-1/2” clear satin anodized aluminum ceiling support T-grid
  • Gasket for ceiling supplied to insure a positive seal
  • Pre-wired prior to shipping with light/FFU switch, power cord(s) or junction box
  • Designed to meet ISO Cleanroom Air Cleanliness standards

Many options are available for these systems including clear antistatic vinyl curtain for static concerns or all stainless steel frames for pharmaceutical applications.

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A Hardwall Cleanroom Should Last a Lifetime - You can pay a lot of money for a state of the art, hardwall cleanroom, and you expect a lot of value for your money. You expect that hard wall cleanroom to offer exceptional durability that provides a lifetime of service. Your manufacturing operation demands a hard wall cleanroom that offers maximum air quality and decades of trouble-free operation. When you purchase a hard wall clean rooms from us, you'll get all that and more. More? You bet – a GREAT hard wall cleanroom at a really GREAT price!

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