PFH - Polypropylene Constant Volume Fume Hood

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Constant Volume
Fume Exhaust Hoods
PFH Series

We offer the PFH Constant Volume Fume Exhaust Hood that are designed free-standing with vented base cabinets. These units operate with an exhaust blower (by others) to provide a means of removal of toxic fumes and odors. Clear PVC 3-position shield for loading and unloading. Adjustable baffles on the rear wall allow for proper balance of fumes through the cabinet. Many options are available for this unit such as sinks, gooseneck faucets, Di Spray Guns, Nitrogen Guns, and more.

Special custom products are available without the custom cost for application specific projects. Many options are available for these units such as Fire Retardant Factory Mutual approved Polypropylene.

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Close Up Tabletop-Constant Volume Fume Exhaust

Features for all Constant Volume Fume Exhaust Hoods :

  • Standard construction is 100% Corrosive Resistant Polypropylene with all heat welded joints and seams
  • Available in 3ft to 8ft size widths
  • Solid Reinforced tabletop with “rolled front” comfort edge
  • Recessed 2 pin T-8 fluorescent lighting 100 ft. candle on work surface and prismatic refractive lens in a sealed compartment outside of the air stream
  • 3-position adjustable PVC front angled shield 12” opening in closed position
  • Adjustable baffles on rear wall of unit
  • Vented hinged or sliding doors on base cabinet
  • UL approved electrical components
  • Exhaust collar(s) at top of unit ‹0.5 in. w.g. static pressure across hood

Phone: 1-888-399-2464