Portable Medical Cleanrooms

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Medical Cleanrooms :

CleanZones, LLC offers several types of cleanrooms for the medical industry including; softwall cleanrooms, semi hardwall cleanrooms, and pass through cabinets which help aid in sterile medical device assembly.

CleanZones’ portable cleanrooms offer safe isolation, clean separation and help create temporary or flexible solutions. Our medical cleanrooms allow professionals to take immediate and preventative action during medical situations or crises. We offer softwall and semi hardwall cleanrooms, pass through cabinets, as well as the following medical cleanroom solutions:

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Safety Shields :

Safety shields are used to prevent contamination or contagion for employees and customers. Typically, safety shields are made from acrylic or aluminum. Safety shields are completely customizable to fit your space and specific needs. These are great for fast installation and act as an effective barrier between people while still allowing for regular interactions and functionality.

Separation Curtains :

Limit and eliminate transmission of illness with separation curtains. Separation curtains can be used in custom spaces and are very popular in hospitals due to airborne transmission. Separation curtains are commonly manufactured using vinyl and other clear or opaque PVC materials.

Triage Partitions :

CleanZones can also service triage partition needs. Triage partitions, commonly used as medical triage tents or rooms, are great when immediate care is required. Medical triage partitions are common during times of medical emergency or in response to crisis like COVID-19. Triage partitions are made to be utilized and mobilized quickly and can assist in cleanliness or contagion control.

Hospital Privacy & Cubical Curtains :

CleanZones can provide hospital privacy or cubical curtains. These hospital privacy curtains are typically made in the clear or opaque PVC material and are also offered in a Bi-Fold curtain. These hospital privacy curtains can be used as part of a frame system or hung from an existing celling.