Industry Cleanrooms


CleanZones works with a variety of industries to design, manufacture, install and certify cleanrooms that meet their exact specifications. We offer cleanrooms from Class 100 through 100K ad well as the ancillary products you need to limit particles in your cleanroom environment.

CleanZones specializes in custom products without the custom cost. We ensure that our customers receive products that match their exact requirements on time and on budget.

CleanZones Industries Served:

Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Cleanrooms: Help producers meet local and state requirements as well as certify product value and provide an added level of safety for workers and customers.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms: Offer safe isolation and clean separation with temporary or flexible solutions. Cleanrooms help medical professionals take immediate preventative action during a medical crisis.

Electronics Cleanrooms: Control contamination and static that would contaminate electronic products.

University Cleanrooms: Control contamination in research and teaching settings. Used in a wide variety of university applications.

Semiconductor Cleanrooms: Control contaminants to ensure product viability. Can control particles at the microscopic level.

Food and Beverage Cleanrooms: Meet high hygienist standards and can be used to prevent contamination of allergens such as gluten or lactose.

Other CleanZones Industries Include:

  • Cosmetic
  • Vitamin
  • Medical Device
  • Biomedical
  • Biotechnical