Semi-Hardwall Cleanroom Designers

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Semi Hardwall Cleanrooms :

CleanZones, LLC offers our Semi Hardwall Cleanrooms with the best of both the Softwall and Hardwall design considerations for a combination of the two systems. These Semi Hardwall Cleanrooms are available as a pre-designed and engineered system to meet every application. The Semi Hardwall Cleanrooms can be easily installed in any location to provide a Clean Environment where you need it. They are used for electronic assembly, medical device assembly, product isolation, spot cleanliness over fill line applications in every conceivable size and room cleanliness classification. The standard unit is composed of a Clear Satin Anodized Aluminum Frame for an aesthetically pleasing look with minimum maintenance. Units are available with a combination of wall inserts to meet specific applications.


  • Cleanroom Cleanliness from Class 100 – 100,000
  • Clear Satin Anodized 6063-T5 Aluminum Frame
  • Solid Clear Satin Anodized Wall Panels with either clear polycarbonate, stretched vinyl curtain or half polypro/half clear polycarbonate inserts integrated into each wall panel
  • Solid sliding doors for entry/exit
  • Mac-10 HEPA Fan Filter Unit
  • Sealed Cleanroom Light Troffers to provide 100 foot candles at working height level
  • Heavy duty 1-1/2” clear satin anodized aluminum ceiling support T-grid
  • Gasket for ceiling supplied to insure a positive seal
  • Pre-wired prior to shipping with light/FFU switch, power cord(s) or junction box
  • Designed to meet ISO Cleanroom Air Cleanliness standards

Many options are available for these systems including clear antistatic vinyl curtain for static concerns or all stainless steel frames for pharmaceutical applications.

Consult our factory trained experienced sales engineering staff for more details: Phone:  888-399-2464