Cleanroom Maintenance & Cleaning

Cleanroom Maintenance & Cleaning Services

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We Won’t Leave Your Cleanroom Gathering Dust.

After completing your cleanroom project, testing it and installing it, we can make sure it keeps working.

As part of our comprehensive six-step process, CleanZones, LLC supplies superior cleanroom maintenance services and cleanroom cleaning services to ensure your cleanroom keeps running smoothly and safely.

We offer optional cleanroom maintenance programs customized to your exacting requirements. Our service agreements ensure the continued environmental performance of your cleanroom and help extend the life of the mechanical equipment.

We keeps cleanrooms clean according to your health, safety, and compliance standards. Our dedicated, well-trained teams can help you prepare for annual inspections and maintain cleanliness and sterilization. Our cleanroom cleaning and maintenance services include:

  • Surface Cleaning and Sterilizing
  • Floor Care
  • Trash and Debris Removal
  • Server Room Cleaning

We can also maintain cleanrooms with specialized cleanroom maintenance services. Our plant maintenance services for cleanrooms include:

  • Repairs
  • Locksmithing
  • Lighting Systems
  • Fire and Safety
  • HVAC Systems
  • Healthy Building
  • Flu Prevention

CleanZones, LLC offers a full-service approach to the cleanrooms industry. Our employees and technicians are highly-trained problem solvers, committed to technical excellence, best practices and proven processes.

We want our customers to feel confident that they will receive exactly what they want, how they want, and when they want.

Delivering the Service, You Deserve

CleanZones, LLC has designed, developed and delivered high-quality air filtration equipment and systems for the cleanroom industry for more than two decades.

Our extensive product line includes air showers, polypropylene filtered fume exhaust hoods, laboratory casework, unidirectional Class 100 work stations, fan filter units, wet process stations and a variety of other contamination control equipment.

We expertly install cleanrooms from Class 100 through 100K (softwall, hardwall, semi-hardwall, modular) including interfacing walls, panels, ceilings, doors and windows. Our design and manufacturing capabilities include the areas of steel, stainless, thermal plastic and wood and laminates.

CleanZones six-step approach ensures that you receive products that match your exact requirements, on time and on budget:

  • Initial consultation
  • Engineering and design
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Certification and testing
  • Maintenance
CleanZones has the expertise, experience and equipment to provide the custom products you need without the custom cost.
CleanZones, LLC is your perfect cleanrooms partner.